Antoinette Bracks is my Brisbane based bespoke jewellery business designing rainbow sapphires and diamond stackable bands and colourful engagement rings. 

I wanted to create things that genuinely make people happy, including myself in the process. 

For thousands of years humankind has been fascinated by gemstones and crystals, seeking them for their beauty, prestige and healing properties - and I'm no different.

I've always been fascinated by volcanoes, geology and gemstones, collecting rocks since I was a child. I love that no two stones are ever the same and each piece I make is therefore entirely unique. It has to be!

My love affair with jewellery started with my great-grandmother's costume jewellery box and was completed by the influence of the great designers in the early 20th Century on European court jewellery. With a double major in history, and a particular interest in Europe, it is little wonder the two great academic loves of my life collide here.

All of my jewellery is proudly made by master tradespersons ensure that the craftsmanship in our pieces is superior and doesn't go unnoticed by trained eyes or yours. It really is what sets us apart.

Ever the optimist, I live life in colour. I love all of the colours of the rainbow and unashamedly wear them daily to full effect both sartorially and with my jewellery. And you can see that in my design influence as I fuse colour with the classics to achieve what you see here - Antoinette Bracks.


AB xo